Given our track record and experience we have worked with some of the largest banks, insurance companies, asset managers and hedge funds in the world.

In addition, Magellan Capital has access to pools of capital which are untapped through the traditional routes. We work with private clients, family offices, investment funds and silent pools of capital which look for unique and bespoke investment opportunities.

We welcome the opportunity to act on client’s behalf when selecting underwriting banks, seeking to raise capital from investors and managing the subsequent transaction process.


Magellan Capital worked with its UK based client to raise growth capital from institutional investors and a family office in the Middle East.

Advised South African client on how to raise capital from specialist institutional investors in Europe and Middle East.

We have advised several UK and European funds on how to raise capital from the Middle East.

Magellan Capital has worked on a variety of UK based real estate opportunities which have raised capital from the Middle East.